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 Hellppp !!!

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PostSubject: Hellppp !!!   Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:11 am

I play on living since this serv. starts with 5 players and i think i vote evry day and i've never had problems till now,3 days ago when this serv. was rollback i try to connect and then surprise ,im stuck i dont know were it's look like jail but is no NPC around there to teleport or to do somenthing else im alone and i dont know how did i get in there,i think this was happend becouse of this rollback,i use brodcast to get some help from GM but no succes so plsss GM or PM or any 1 who can get me out of there HELLLPPP ,my acc name is Plaiboy a loot of ppl know me becouse im an nice guy so plssss GM help me to get out of there
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Hellppp !!!
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