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 Some of my skill, but near not all

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PostSubject: Some of my skill, but near not all   Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:17 am

Well, fairly soon I'm going to be working with 3DSMax (Program to create 3D stuffs), and I will be getting the plug-in to edit TQ files. I'm assuming that a "HurricaneSword" hasn't been done yet. Fresh? I think so. The only problem obviously is going to be the time, and study that I'm going to have to put in, in order to learn how to do all these effects and so on.

Maybe I can come up with something fresh, hopefully something slightly beyond decent [maybe good even] and then I could possibly be considered for part of the team as a graphics designer? Three posts in one... maybe time will tell. My only question is:

Is it possible to achieve each? (Especially being able to join the team, it's a dream of mine to be apart of a CO team.)
P.S. I apologize if the title misled anybody, and if I made myself sound (excuse the term because I'm not a hater) homosexual. I basically just wanted a dramatic post to ask this one question. Is it possible for me to join the team, if I make something fresh and creative that would be considered fairly good. Thanks for potentially wasting your time (I'm not going to lie, this post might be boring), but it means a lot to me that you have. Again, thanks.
P.S.S. If it is of any concern I have one edit that I had no option to do because they wouldn't look at my edits unless it was met to their specifications. It shows that I like working with colours, also rainbows are signs of creativity... and homosexuality. Which I'm not, however I am bi, so I do not mean any offense. Honestly. No offense. None. No. Also I have a second screenshot of a Xat Chat edit I did... if it helps my chances at all. Yes, this is desperateness talking. ALSO I HAVE WORKED WITH A PROGRAM CALLED FRUITLOOPS... It's a beat making program. All great games could use some music right? Oh hahaha, Chinese music? I play the flute and sax in band. (:


Whoa, that's a full rainbow... all the way! QUADRUPLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY!!!!!

Alright, sorry I lied there's one more. This one is really cool looking I think because it's teal. (: ... or Aqua... either way it's irrelevant.
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Some of my skill, but near not all
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